L2 Storage Administration

L2 Storage Administration Duration : 60 Hours

What can be taught:

After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Establish a DFSMS configuration to automatically enforce your installation’s storage management policies
• Convert service level requirements into appropriate parameters for data class, storage class, management class, and storage groups
• Create and test automatic class selection (ACS) routines
• Convert volumes and move data to system-managed volumes with data facility data set services (DFSMSdss)
• Specify appropriate management class and storage group parameters for DFSMShsm processing of system-managed data sets
• Establish procedures to control, manage, and recover the storage management subsystem with ISMF and operator commands
• Develop a DFSMS implementation plan

Course Content:

Session 1:
• Create Storage team documentation (understands repository tool & has technical writing skills)
• Working knowledge of SMS/ACS routine functionality and how it works.

Session 2:
• Working knowledge of ICKDSF (INIT, REFORMAT, VTOC handling etc).
• Working knowledge of DSS (Defrag, dump, backup, restore, print, etc.)

Session 3:
• Understand basic DFHSM components (parmlib parameters, CDS’setc.)
• Initialize volumes (including VTOC, VVDS)

Session 4:
• Review of storage pools to deter space issues.
• Knowledge of dataset structures. (PDS, PDSE, GDG, VSAM, etc.)

Session 5:
• Working Knowledge of ISMF tool

Session 6:
• Mitigate impending storage capacity issues.

Session 7:
• Daily DASD management including monitoring SMS/HSM pools, SMS ACS routines and HSM/CA-DISK functions (backup/migration)
• Daily monitoring of DASD dumps for disaster recovery and in-house backups.
• Daily monitoring of catalogues, including backup and maintenance.

Session 8:
• Basic problem determination.
• Understand how to backup, maintain and operate catalogs

Session 9:
• Define User Catalogs.
• Define user Catalog allocation policies.
• Define Aliases.

Session 10:
• Activate/Deactivate volume records
• Knowledge of FDR/ABR