Python course contents:

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started with Python(2&3) Installation and setup
3. IDE Introduction: PyCharm and IDLE(GUI)
4. Write a first Python Script
5. First Step to develop Python Application
6. Fundamentals: Strings and Methods
7. Fundamentals: Functions and Loops
8. Debugging code
9. Fundamentals: Conditional Logic
10. Fundamentals: Lists and Dictionaries
11. File Input and Output
12. Python – Environment Setup
13. Python Modules and Packages
14. Install Packages
i. Installing via pip
ii. Installing from source
15. SQL Database Connections
16. Small Python Application
17. Python Exception Handling
18. Handling Email
19. Python game development

Python Advance Courses:

1. Introduction of OOPs concepts
2. Python Classes and Objects
3. Socket Programming (Networking)
4. Reading and Writing CSV Files in Python
5. Python Multithreading
6. Python GUI Programming
7. Introduction of SimpleCV Framework including OpenCV, Pygame etc.

Python Developers Courses:

1. Working with JSON Data
2. Version Control: Git/GitHub for Python developer
3. OpenCV (Computer Vision Library)
4. Development on Raspberry Pi using Python (optional)
5. Projects based on Industry/Academic.


1.Projects for Customers.
2. Interview preparations