It is an art to have the right mix of staff to produce optimum productivity and profit. Staffing agencies help companies manage their recruitment by hiring quality employees for you at a much lower cost and relieve you of all the hassle involved. Employees are the biggest asset of any organization but that holds true only if all the employees are a right fit for their job roles and are causative of the company’s development.

TecSaCon is a promising platform for congregation of qualified candidates and employers. We aim to promote staffing for the socio-economic growth of your organization and the society. We strive to bring the right people to the right organization. TecSaCon specializes in this field and is well aware of the job market and the culture of its clients. Hence, we match candidates not only with the skill set required but even with the culture and values of your company.

We at TecSaCon have a wide network of candidates and clients ready to respectively work or employ temporarily or permanently. Contract staff can be used for cyclical projects or if the company is at its low. This is cost effective and non-committing. On the other hand, some companies employ permanent staff for better sustenance and survival in the long run. Whatever be your choice, we deliver as per your specifications and what be best for you.

Our recruiters have a clear understanding of several industries, the job roles and the challenges each role has. Our success is in the satisfaction of both our candidates and clients. We assure that your choice of utilizing our services for recruitment and staffing or training would prove much more beneficial than anticipated. We delivery quality and believe in nurturing relationships with our candidates and clients.

Permanent Staffing:
Positions open since a long time affects the productivity of your organization. Recruitment is a tedious task that involves immense time and money not allowing your company to focus on its core responsibilities. Hence, most of the companies today outsource this task to experts of recruitment saving their cost and time. We at TecSaCon have ideally matched profiles for your openings saving your time and cost allowing you to focus on the more important and attention seeking aspects of business.

We understand various industries, their style of operation and the various department and jobs implicated in it for its smooth functioning. This allows us to find the right candidates specific to the skill and cultural fit of your organization. We have a team of professional recruiters and a enormous database of candidates to find the perfect employee for your open position. We have huge volumes of resumes flowing to us through referrals. Social sites have taken over the traditional job portals and we at TecSaCon keep exploring and taking up innovative and creative methods of recruitment.

How we provide you the best fit:

• Our first step is to thoroughly understand your business requisite.

• We source candidates matching your requirements through various sources, screen these profiles by speaking to these candidates and ensuring how well they would fit into your company’s role.

• Once the profiles are shortlisted, we help you manage the selection process from fixing the interviews, filling forms to getting their verification done.

• We stay in constant touch with our candidates even after their selection to make sure they are performing as per your expectations and that you are wholly satisfied with our service.

Contract Staffing:
Many companies rely on temporary staff for their short term projects, seasonal peak needs, expansion or during slow business conditions. This strategy of taking up resources on a contract basis is cost effective and flexible. Companies prefer to utilize services of staffing companies to manage their contract workforce. TecSaCon has a wide network of qualified and professional candidates to serve different industries on a contract basis. We ensure these contract resources have the desired skill set and competency to meet your needs and contribute to the success of your company. They are supple and receptive and keep your work flow going. Individuals employed with us for temporary assignments would be eligible for an assortment of benefits – holidays, health insurance, and retirement plans etc, We also walk the extra mile and train candidates to improve their skills and develop their personalities preparing them for the upcoming career opportunities.

Contract staff is the call of the hour and allows you to focus on the company’s performance and key deliverable other than diverting your attention to their administrative outlay. Some of the benefits contract staff proffers are:
1. Flexibility in tenure
2. Flexibility in tenure and diminution in employee development costs
3. Reduction in time and cost to hire these resource
4. No employee relation issues

You can always hire your contract staff on rolls of the company when required. This reduces the company’s cost of hire and risk of wrong hire as his performance and fit in the organization has already been observed and evaluated by the company. It is a pleasant experience for us to work on Contract – Hire cases and we feel satisfied to have placed a good candidate in a right place and that the client has got the best talent hired for its progress.

An organization becomes a brand because of its key deliverables and commitment. It is the employees; their knowledge and skill set that make this organization a brand and contribute to its growth and development.

Companies approach consultancies to validate and evaluate every business opportunity particularly their workforce management. Attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent are the main intents of an organization. Productive resource is the biggest asset but also involves dedicated financial commitment. We consult and help you build strategies on resource/ talent management.

TecSacon aims at the satisfaction of its clients and candidates by according eminence to their interests and requirements. We understand the diversity and differential desires of every client and hence we tailor make solutions to meet your needs. TecSaCon first understands your business  Analyze your problem  provide a user friendly and easy to implement solution.

We as recruitment consultants help to find jobs/employees for individuals and organizations as per their requirements. We suggest individuals on their demanded salary levels, career development and training needs while we negotiate salary as per industry standards to convince the best talent join the client’s organization at their desired cost. We are passionate about hiring and we ensure that our hired candidates exceed your expectations and also that the candidates are contended working with your esteemed organization. We promise that the skill set, experience, job role, competency and personality are a fit for both the client and the job seeker.

Needless to mention, that our solutions are economical and cost effective. We divert equal attention to all our stakeholders and establish life time relationship for both clientele and the candidate. Client focus and distinct perspective to maintain long lasting high standards of clientele –candidate engagement are few factors behind TecSaCon’s success.

We specialize in Campus Recruitment to introduce fresh talent to the corporate world. We manage the entire recruitment drive at campus or off campus as per your convenience. We understand your open positions and budget and list out the institutes accordingly. We coordinate between the client, institute and candidates till the joining. We provide the requisite training to the candidates to prepare them for your organization.