IOT course contents:
1. Introduction
2. Components of IOT
3. Sensors Introductions
4. Local Processing
5. Arduino
6. Raspberry Pi
7. Network Protocols
8. Cloud Platform
9. Linux
10. Python
11. Wyliodrin ide visual programming
12. Cloud development and data analysis
13. Raspberry Pi GPIO Interface(Rasp+Python)
14. PIR sensor interface(Raspi+Python)
15. Ultrasonic sensor interface(Raspi+Python)
16. Temperature sensor interfce(Raspi+Python+thinspeak)

1. Remote sensors control using wyliodrin ide
2. Remote sensors control and data analysis using cloud thingspeak
3. Digital signage/display

Interview preparation
1. Projects based on Industry/Academic.
2. Clear basics and revised complete course

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